Modern Italian Bedroom Furniture


The bedroom in your Hawaii home should be comfortable without having to sacrifice style or luxury. At Modern Living, our Italian made bedroom furniture collection offers lush textures and contemporary shapes and designs, and creates a stylish and serene atmosphere. Our gorgeous bedroom pieces are the perfect way to cultivate a tasteful room that will be the perfect space to begin and end each Hawaiian day.

Contemporary Hawaii Furniture

Not only do we offer contemporary bedroom furniture like beds, nightstands, and dressers, but we can also design a custom closet to suit your specific needs. Hawaii is famous for tight living spaces and our designers will work with the area you currently have available to provide you with an ideal closet space. They can also create expansion options if more closet space is on your wish list.

When considering bedroom furniture think of the streamlined designs of our dressers and nightstands that will perfectly complement our selection of beds. Their beautifully subdued designs are functional, but they do not overpower the room. The level of Italian craftsmanship is evident in the superior quality of construction and mechanics for each piece.